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  • Fariha Choudhury

Update #1 from Fariha

Fariha is an IMMERSE Fellow part of the Spring 2024 Cohort.

Navigating the World of Molecular Modeling at Schrödinger

At the end of my third week here at Schrödinger, I find myself immersed in an exciting journey of exploration and learning. My mentor, Fiona, has been amazing! We click so well, chatting about everything from our favorite foods to deep topics about health. Fiona is genuinely interested in figuring out what career path suits me best given my many interests. Together, we're narrowing down my options. She's also great at connecting me with people who share my background and passions, making me feel right at home in the scientific community.

Additionally, I've had the pleasure of connecting with my New Hire Buddy, João, whose enthusiasm and support have been invaluable. Joao graciously shared books on molecular modeling simulation, fostering my understanding of the field. Furthermore, he facilitated introductions to colleagues with similar backgrounds and interests, enriching my network and providing diverse perspectives.

One standout aspect of my journey at Schrödinger has been the opportunity to explore new roles, including Project Management and Product Management, guided by Kat. These experiences have piqued my curiosity, prompting me to diligently record the advice shared by each person I meet. Networking efforts have further enriched my understanding of various roles within the company and the intricacies of drug discovery. Following my interactions, I've found myself particularly drawn to roles in project management and clinical trials, as evidenced by my recurring meetings with Robert Smith and Candace Friend. However, I'm still keen to delve into other new areas, such as User Experience positions, as part of my ongoing exploration.

Notably, my communication skills and confidence have flourished as I engage with brilliant minds daily. This newfound confidence fuels my motivation to excel in my studies and this fellowship. As I reflect on my progress, I am keen on narrowing down my interests. I aspire to pursue a career that combines my passion for social interaction with my love for the scientific community.

In addition to exploring different roles, I've been thoroughly enjoying the HTVS modules, from which I've been learning a great deal. (completed module 1-3 so far) These modules have provided invaluable insight into what my project will entail, and I'm eager to dive in and begin working on it. 

One valuable insight I've gained during my time at Schrödinger, and one I'll gladly share with anyone seeking career advice, is the importance of interacting with people in various roles. While you may have a clear idea of what you want to do, being immersed in a diverse environment like Schrödinger exposes you to firsthand experiences from individuals in those roles. They can offer invaluable feedback about their job satisfaction, career path, and whether it's truly a good fit for you. Many people enter a career field only to realize later that it's not what they expected, so this opportunity to engage with professionals across different roles provides invaluable insights into potential career paths.

Overall, my journey at Schrödinger thus far has been immensely rewarding. With the guidance of Fiona, the support of Joao, and the camaraderie of my colleagues, I am confident in my ability to navigate the complexities of molecular modeling and contribute meaningfully to the field of drug discovery. As I eagerly anticipate the next bi-weekly report, I am determined to further refine my goals and continue my pursuit of excellence. Also, this office has the best views like no other and can't beat the new foods I get to try out every Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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