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IMMERSE is a collaboration between three entities: LaGuardia Community College, New York City College of Technology (both part of the wide City University of New York), and Schrödinger Inc. Students will be mentored and have direct support from a team of faculty and scientists.



LaGuardia Community College (CC)
City University of New York (CUNY)

It is a two-year college that is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion for students of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.  LaGuardia has 23,200 students — of whom 80% are Black and Hispanic — from more than 133 countries with 62 native languages. LaGuardia’s mission is to educate and graduate one of the most diverse student populations in the country to become critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens who can help to shape a rapidly evolving society.

New York City College of Technology (City Tech)
City University of New York (CUNY)

The designated college of technology of the CUNY system, ranks 9th among all colleges and universities in the nation in ushering upward economic mobility for its graduates. City Tech has 17, 300 students — of whom 62% are Black and Hispanic and 67% are the first in their family to attend college — and is officially designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). City Tech is also a federally-designated Minority Serving Institution (MSI) as the second most diverse institution of higher education among regional universities in the northeast. As it is one of the very few US academic institutions that currently offers a Biomedical Informatics (BIB) program at the baccalaureate level, City Tech is uniquely positioned to be a bridge between URMs and STEM-intensive careers. In establishing new channels of collaboration between City Tech and Schrödinger, IMMERSE will bring meaningful improvements to course structures, the program curriculum, and faculty expertise, whose beneficial effects will persist beyond the grant period.

Schrödinger Inc.

Schrödinger is a biotechnology company headquartered in NYC which offers an industry-leading molecular modeling software that has been used for decades by the top pharmaceutical companies worldwide and by research universities. Founded in 1990, Schrödinger develops a physics-based platform that enables discovery of novel drug candidates faster, at lower cost, with a higher likelihood of success compared to traditional methods. The company has more than 800 employees worldwide, of which greater than 40% hold a PhD degree. More than 50% of the company is dedicated to research and development and it also has very large scientific support and education teams that offer expertise and guidance in knowledge transfer. Schrödinger offers multiple services from software sales, scientific support for modelers in academia and in other biotech companies, and it has its own research and development team. Close collaborations with pharmaceutical companies have led to two FDA approved drugs and multiple drugs that have advanced into clinical trials.

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