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  • Adrian Guin Rizzo

Update #1 from Adrian

Adrian Guin Rizzo is an IMMERSE Fellow part of the Spring 2024 Cohort.

Mentorship and Team Integration:

Successfully initiated my mentorship program, showing a productive first meeting with my assigned mentor Adam Abbas which is part of the Life Science Software Team. We discussed initial career development strategies and outlined key skills relevant to my role in Biomedical Informatics and Health Informatics. We also discuss key roles of the Life Science Software team. He was able to connect me with some people in the company which I will meet later on.

Engaged with my new hire buddy Alexandre Beautrait which is part of the Application Science Team , which has significantly facilitated my integration into the team. This connection has been instrumental in understanding the company culture and internal processes, especially understanding of what the Application Science team does. He also was able to connect me with some people in the company which I will meet later on.

Professional Development and Training:

Progressed through the learning modules tailored for my position. These modules have been enlightening, enhancing my understanding of molecular modeling and how they apply to my ongoing projects.

Completion of some modules of two specialized courses: High-Throughput Virtual Screening for Hit Finding and Evaluation (Up to 3 Modules) and Introduction to Molecular Modeling in Drug Discovery (Up to Module 5). 

I've gained a comprehensive understanding of the drug discovery pipeline, highlighting the crucial role of molecular modeling. I've developed proficiency in web-based Maestro, mastering the examination of protein-ligand binding sites and the use of tools for molecule modification. This experience has strengthened my understanding of protein-ligand interactions, intermolecular forces, and the strategic application of virtual screening techniques. I'm now proficient at evaluating and interpreting docking data thanks to my practical knowledge of ligand docking and equivalent design using Glide, which puts me in a position to make a valuable contribution to drug discovery projects. In the HTVS course, I have mainly learned stuff about protein inspection and preparation.

During the completion of some modules I can proudly say that I have more questions than answers. I would love to talk with an expert about the courses.

Work Environment and Culture:

I am finding the office environment to be highly beneficial to productivity and collaboration. The team dynamics and company culture are particularly impressive, encouraging a supportive and innovative atmosphere. 

I particularly look forward to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as these days are highlighted by the provision of lunch. The quality of the food served is consistently excellent, making these midweek moments especially enjoyable. The menu changes every day, so it’s great to try new things.

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